Dave Arata KA9WMI, SK

David Arata-KA9WMI and Casey Cryer-KJ6GSV at the 2023 Visalia DX Convention.

It saddens us to announce that CVARC member Dave Arata-KA9WMI passed away on April 10th after a brief illness. Below is a tribute message from his friend and fellow ham, Casey Cryer-KJ6GSV:

In our unique hobby, everyone seems to find something special that they enjoy above the other aspects of ham radio. Some love the tech, some love the versatility, and others love the people. For me, Dave Arata was all about people. Dave and I met at Winter Field Day 2023, which was my first field day and introduction to the social side of ham radio. Dave and I instantly hit it off and it felt great to chat about radios without feeling like I was speaking Mandarin.

Dave comes from a family of hams. His dad, Russell Arata (KA3RRS), his brother, Joe (KZ4DN), and his son, Matthew (KB9IVG). Their love for ham radio shows the legacy Dave leaves behind.

Dave and I had a great time at the 2023 Visalia DX Convention. We explored all the latest ham radio gear and enjoyed the seminars together. Dave’s upbeat spirit and wealth of technical know-how made him a truly unique person. He was always ready to help tackle any radio question I had. Folks like Dave leave a lasting impact on those around them and his presence will be truly missed by everyone at CVARC.

The memorial service for David will be held on Monday, April 29th at 10:00 AM at Holy Cross Catholic Church, located at 13955 Peach Hill Rd in Moorpark. All are welcome to attend.



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  1. To Casey, and the Officers and members of the CVARC:

    Thank you for your kind remembrance. Dave and I go “way back”; and his passing hits “close to home” for me. Quite frankly, I’m stunned. Dave & I grew up in a small village in Southeastern Pennsylvania; and graduated high school together – lifelong friends. A great guy. He will be missed. May he rest in peace.

    73, John N3GZR

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