CVARC Club Project – 2M Slim Jim Antenna

When and Where: 9:15 A.M. April 27, 2024  at the East Valley Sheriff Station

Cost: $25.00 Please pay in advance so materials can be ordered. Payments can be made to CVARC at the next meeting on April 18th.

Contact / Sign up: James E. Smith-KK6YAM

805-294-3009 Text/Phone if needed.

The 2M Slim Jim Antenna will be constructed with the group, all materials provided. A discussion on the theory will be made and can be seen at the website listed below.

The design is based on this with a 1inch PVC pipe for stationary self-supporting or can be coiled up for portable use. Will also work on 70cm band but not as efficiently as the 2M band.

By using the larger 450 Ohm ladder line vs the 300-ohm ladder line, this antenna is larger but much easier to construct. The design can be made smaller by using RG-174 coax and 300-ohm ladder line or twin lead, but I found that soldering the coax to the twin lead difficult since multiple locations may be needed to be tried/re-soldered for best tuning.

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