President’s Message

Daphne Vandervalk-KN6TXX

Can you feel the excitement? Field Day is almost here! On June 22nd and 23rd, CVARC will once again hold one of the largest, if not the largest, ARRL Field Day setups in the country, with 20 stations transmitting from our location near Lake Sherwood on Potrero Road (see below). Plans are well underway to make this another fun and successful event.

For new hams or the uninitiated, Field Day is an event held every year since 1933, during which hams set up amateur radio stations in public places all over North America and contact each other over a 24-hour period to earn points. It’s a way to demonstrate what we do, practice using our radios in remote locations, and have a great time with other hams and visitors. For CVARC’s event, we will set up the stations in large tents in a field at a lovely location with views of oak trees and rural surroundings. The public is welcome to visit, observe, and give radio a try. On Saturday we will take a break for an evening barbecue (be sure to buy your tickets in advance if you plan to join the meal), and some members will stay overnight making radio contacts until the event ends at 11am on Sunday morning. We encourage everyone to come by sometime Saturday or Sunday and see what it’s all about.

Besides Field Day, don’t miss our general meeting where Martin Hickey-AJ6CL will demonstrate how to make radio contacts using satellites, a skill we expect to use during Field Day. In addition, there is a special event being held on Tuesday the 18th at 10:00am by the Ventura County Board of Supervisors where all Ventura County Amateur Radio operators will be recognized with a proclamation honoring their service to the community. I plan to attend, and I encourage any hams who are available to come out to the Ventura County Government Center and share in this special honor.



Field Day information:

Saturday, June 22nd, 11:00am (start time) to Sunday, June 23rd, 11:00am (end time)

Sherwood Development Company Field

377 W. Potrero Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

Many hands are needed to help set up and break down – contact Keith Elliott-W6KME at if you would like to participate.

Get Your CVARC Field Day Merch

CVARC is now offering merchandise for “CVARC Field Day 2024” designed to create a cohesive look for the event.

Central to the collection is a black t-shirt featuring a vibrant, detailed illustration of a field day scene with mountains in the background, complemented by similar designs on a long sleeve t-shirt and a cap, both in matching dark tones.

Shirts are available in white, Irish green, black and orange The event branding continues on a special CVARC Field Day 2024 tumbler and on a square mouse pad. Show off your CVARC pride, while making our 2024 Field Day look great!

All proceeds from the sales go to the CVARC Field Day fund to defer the costs of the event.  Make sure to be at the May CVARC General Meeting to see all the merchandise in person! To check out and purchase the CVARC Field Day swag go to

It’s Time For Field Day 2024!

Field Day 2024 is upon us! Our plan this year is very similar to 2023, when we were the largest setup in the entire country. There are still some Band Captain positions open. This year we’re also looking for several people to act as team leaders for various setup tasks on Friday, like the masts, antennas, tents, parking layout, etc. As usual we have an online spreadsheet where you can see who is doing what and what positions need filling.

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Windy Winter Field Day

Antenna guying skills were put to the test at a windy CVARC Winter Field Day event Saturday January 27th as Dos Vientos Park in Newbury Park. The purpose of Winter Field Day is to practice field operation, emergency operating skills, and to have outdoor fun with other hams.

Field Day Results Published

The Field Day results have been published in the December edition of QST Magazine. And once again CVARC had the biggest operation in the country at 18A. Those of you who worked Field Day probably experienced having operators asking to reconfirm “18-Alpha,” probably thinking they were not hearing correctly. Congratulations to our Field Day Chair Keith Elliott-W6KME, the band captains and everyone who worked so hard to pull off another great Field Day. Above you can also see the results from the other Ventura County clubs. VCARS and Simi Settlers worked at 11A and VCARC was 12A.

CVARC 2023 Field Day Interference Checklist

Bill Willcox-KF6JQO has revised his very useful Field Day Interference Checklist for 2023. The list offers a number of tips and best practices for minimizing interference with your Field Day setup. Of course, these suggestions can be very helpful for your own shack if you are having RF problems. You can view the checklist here or on this website at Links/Technical Articles/Anti-Interference Checklist.