Windy Winter Field Day

Antenna guying skills were put to the test at a windy CVARC Winter Field Day event Saturday January 27th as Dos Vientos Park in Newbury Park. The purpose of Winter Field Day is to practice field operation, emergency operating skills, and to have outdoor fun with other hams.

Field Day Results Published

The Field Day results have been published in the December edition of QST Magazine. And once again CVARC had the biggest operation in the country at 18A. Those of you who worked Field Day probably experienced having operators asking to reconfirm “18-Alpha,” probably thinking they were not hearing correctly. Congratulations to our Field Day Chair Keith Elliott-W6KME, the band captains and everyone who worked so hard to pull off another great Field Day. Above you can also see the results from the other Ventura County clubs. VCARS and Simi Settlers worked at 11A and VCARC was 12A.

CVARC 2023 Field Day Interference Checklist

Bill Willcox-KF6JQO has revised his very useful Field Day Interference Checklist for 2023. The list offers a number of tips and best practices for minimizing interference with your Field Day setup. Of course, these suggestions can be very helpful for your own shack if you are having RF problems. You can view the checklist here or on this website at Links/Technical Articles/Anti-Interference Checklist.

It’s Not A Contest, But…

…as in baseball, the stats are a fun part of the game.

Field Day results are out!

This year we scored 26% more points than last year!  This was in no small part due to our emphasis this year on outreach with things such as educational activities, youth involvement, supported agency involvement, elected officials’ involvement, and promoting amateur radio to the wider public.  Aside from enjoying ourselves, and having a great barbecue, these were the aspects of FD that we stressed and which also, incidentally, accrued points and account for this year’s higher score. 

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