CVARC welcomes new Hams, old Hams, and non-Hams who are interested in learning about radio communications and sharing the friendship and camaraderie of the local Ham community.

The Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club is a not-for-profit international organization of amateur radio enthusiasts. We provide education forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill and professional growth of our members.

President’s Message

Andy Ludlum – K6AGL

CVARC’s Volunteer Examiner (VE) Coordinator Jeff Reinhardt-AA6JR shared an incredible number with me recently: 1,430.

That’s the number of licenses earned in CVARC VE sessions over the past 27 years. CVARC’s VEs are certified Radio Amateurs holding an Extra Class license who volunteer their time to administer the FCC licensing exams.

Jeff-AA6JR has done a superb job of leading a team of more than a dozen VEs who have given exams to 1,910 candidates since July 1990. I’ve taken all my Amateur Radio licensing exams at CVARC VE sessions which are held six times a year. At that first session in July 1990, there were five candidates. Two earned General Licenses and two earned Advanced Licenses. At the most recent VE session in August, there were 22 candidates. Eight earned Technician Licenses, 10 earned their General and two passed the Extra exam.

Something that goes hand in hand with a well-run VE program is CVARC’s commitment to a comprehensive education program. The club has adopted a philosophy of offering in-depth, multi-week training for the Technician Class License as well as for the General and Extra Class Licenses.

CVARC’s Education Coordinator Norm Campbell-AB6ET reports there was a 100% success rate by the radio license candidates who attended the training classes for Technician and General in July and August. The instructor for the General Class was Zak Cohen-N6PK. The instructors for the Technician Class were Bill Willcox-KF6JQO and Tim Wheeler-K6POI.

Zak-N6PK wants to do a few short day-classes (an hour or two) for digital and ACS type traffic operations. He and Bill-KF6JQO will do General and Tech classes for four or five Saturdays in November and December followed up by the VE testing session in December.

I want to express my appreciation to the volunteer teachers and the examiners. This attitude of giving-back strengthens the hobby and ensures the future of the club. Going above and beyond for Amateur Radio is one of the reasons CVARC has been designated by the ARRL as a Special Service Club.

Another ham deserving special recognition is Steve Leong- KC6IJM. Once again, Steve submitted a request for a Community Service Grant from his employer, Northrop Grumman. The grant is based on Steve’s 400 volunteer service hours with the Ventura County ACS program and Steve has designated that it go to CVARC. I’m pleased to report Northrop Grumman has sent a check in the amount of $400 to CVARC in recognition of Steve’s commitment to volunteerism. Thank you Steve for your commitment to the community and continued support of CVARC.


Andy – K6AGL