CVARC welcomes new Hams, old Hams, and non-Hams who are interested in learning about radio communications and sharing the friendship and camaraderie of the local Ham community.

The Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club is a not-for-profit international organization of amateur radio enthusiasts. We provide education forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill and professional growth of our members.

President’s Message

Andy Ludlum – K6AGL

Happy 2017 to all CVARC members and friends. Thank you for re-electing me and I look forward to serving you for another year as club President.

Attendees at a recent digital communications conference were told so-called “smart” or cognitive radio is presenting hams with the opportunity to be at the leading edge in radio technology in the near future.

Cognitive radio is a form of wireless communication in which a transceiver can intelligently detect which frequencies are in use and which are not and instantly move to the available frequencies. It’s perfect for hams competing with emerging technologies for precious spectrum space.

With software defined radio, hams can take full advantage of this smart radio technology by using computers to quickly and easily reconfigure their radios.

The conferees were told radio amateurs’ heritage of experimentation and thinking “outside the box” coupled with a new generation of hams embracing smart radio technology, make them uniquely situated to be at the leading edge in radio again.

During 2017, we’ll focus on the skills and technologies that will support the next generation of hams.

We have new member joining the CVARC Board of Directors in 2017. Stu Forman-KK6VYS is taking over as Editor/Publisher of the newsletter. Norm Campbell-AB6ET will help Stu with the transition and take over as Education Coordinator. Zak Cohen-N6PK and Tim Wheeler-K6POI will continue to teach and support the club’s education effort.

Zak will also become the club’s Secretary for 2017. Eric Peterson-WB6PYK transitions to Technical Coordinator replacing Avi Carmi-K6AVI who is leaving the board. I want to thank Avi for his many years of service to the club as a Board Member.

The rest of the Board is unchanged from 2016. Tim Wheeler-K6POI is Vice President and Chair of the Speakers Committee; Christian Ylagan-K6CAY is our Treasurer; Ben Herrera-W6JWZ returns as Operations Coordinator, Field Day Chair and Webmaster; Joe Sprissler-AI6MW is our Public Relations Coordinator; Mark Horner-KK6IKX, Adrian Jarrett-K6KY and Charley Pember- KG6CLT are Members at Large.

Bill Willcox-KF6JQO will continue to run the monthly raffle.

Congratulations to the CVARC Holiday Party Committee, Michelle Horner-KK6RBW, Christian Ylagan-K6CAY, Zak Cohen-N6PK and Tim Wheeler-K6POI for putting on another great event in December. Attendance was up and everyone had a great time. Mark Horner-KK6IKX will be preparing an evaluation survey and we’d love to hear your feedback on the event.

There are some other opportunities to get involved with the club. We’ve had excellent programs and speakers thanks to the Speakers Committee. If you have great ideas or contacts, we’d love to have you join Tim Wheeler-K6POI, Brad Ormsby-W6VO, David Arata-KA9WMI and me on the Speakers Committee.

We’re also forming a Projects Committee. We had two great club projects last year, the 9:1 unun and the battery box. Eric Peterson-WB6PYK, Adrian Jarrett-K6KY and Dean Nedelman-K6DIN have volunteered so far but more people are welcome. They’ll probably have their first meeting this month. I’m looking forward to the club doing two or three projects this year.

Whatever your interests, I encourage you to share your thoughts with me or any member of the Board. We represent you. The biggest benefit of CVARC is having an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with people like you who enjoy amateur radio.