Test Your Skills With These 5 WPM Morse Code Tests

Those of us who got our Amateur Radio license many years ago had to pass a Morse Code test.  The Novice class license required potential hams to pass an exam of 5 WPM both copying and sending Morse Code.

I have included 6 Morse Code tests that were used for the Novice Class test.  In each case the character speed is 15 WPM and the overall speed is 5 WPM. 

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Learn morse code

A morse code class organizational meeting will be held Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 9 a.m. at the East County Sheriff’s Station’s Community Room, 2101 E. Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks .  The plan is to have classes weekly on Saturdays for 8 weeks.  CW academy guidelines will be followed.

If you’d like to learn morse code, please come to the meeting this Saturday. If you are planning on attending, please send Steve Gillis-KZ6H an email: sggillis@gmail.com

Morse Keys for Loan

Hello Fellow CW Enthusiasts,

These keys are available for CW group members or CVARC members.  The top key is a “coffin key” bug, the others are Signal Electric models R62 and R63. 

The keys are not for sale and not intended for resale, they are available for long time use.  CW group members or CVARC members are encouraged to put these keys to use and get on the air.  Let’s get them into the hands of someone who needs them.

I will be at the club meeting tomorrow (5-16-19) and can meet there with anyone interested. 



Morse Group Meeting with Kate Hutton

Guest speaker Kate Hutton-K6HTN, the “Earthquake Lady,” was a staff seismologist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA where she monitored earthquakes for 37 years. During that time, she was regularly on television following earthquakes to explain the seismic event. 

Dr. Hutton is also a licensed ham and she’ll be discussing how she got started in amateur radio, Morse code, and traffic handling.

April 6 at 10:00 am in the Community Room of the East County Sheriff’s Station.

Any questions should be directed to Steve Gillis-KZ6H.

Have Fun with CW

By Norm Campbell-AB6ET

Turn on your radio.  Get on the air.  Have fun.  It’s that simple.

CW is no longer required for licensing, it’s not used for commercial messages, and there are many other forms of communication that are more reliable, faster, and easier.  We are free to do CW just for the historical value of it and for the fun of it. Continue reading “Have Fun with CW”