Book Recommendation: Ham Radio Boost by Lucien Koch-DH7LM

James Smith-KK6YAM recently picked up a copy of Ham Radio Boost written by a German ham Lucien Koch-DH7LM.

James said “although it is a non-technical book, I think many hams can find it helpful to get some pointers on ham radio, keep motivated to make contacts, and not get drawn down into the nuts and bolts of the hobby. I found that I picked up some great ideas on focusing on enjoying ham radio and not over engineering things.”

James added that “if you find yourself buried in projects and parts as I have, this book can be your way back to being a ham station operator.”

Whether you are an experienced ham or just beginning your amateur radio journey, this book encourages you to try new things, and think differently about the hobby. Koch reflects on his own radio lessons and provides tips and tricks to overcome your stumbling blocks – and bring your ham radio experience to a new level.

The book is available in paperback and e-book formats on Amazon.

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