President’s Message

Hello CVARC members, families, and guests!

Ed Zimmermann-N6XEW

January 2023 is in the books. Boy, it sure flew by. And February is half over.  The Ides of March are almost upon us.  Be sure to get on the air February 15th thru February 21st as some of our club members will be on the air as W1AW/6. The CVARC Winter Field Day was held on Saturday January 28th at Dos Vientos Park.  The event was amazing. Ron Topolinski-K6CPR had his 5-year-old grandson pounding his name in CW and sending 73! The Acorn showed up and snapped a few pictures. Thank you to our public relations board member April Taylor-KN6QQW.

The CVARC general meeting is Thursday, February 16th at 7:30 P.M. Topic: DXpedition: Paul Ewing-N6PSE is the founder of the Intrepid DX Group and has organized and participated in eight DXpeditions to very rare DX and exotic locations around the world, including Northern Iraq, South Sudan, and Yemen. Paul will discuss his visit to North Korea and how he got and lost permission for a DXpedition.

CVARC’s  newest net – C4FM Digital Info Net, is a Yaesu System Fusion mode that takes place every Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. It is very exciting to have a new mode to work. If you have C4FM capable radio, you do not want to miss this net.  Check our website for additional information.

It’s looking like the next club build will be the venerable copper J-Pole for 2m and 440. Keep an eye out for a date.

Newbie Net:  Our Newbie Net meets every Sunday night at 7 P.M. The Newbie Net is an opportunity for newer hams to get on the air and gain experience and confidence. More experienced hams or “Elmers” regularly check in and are available to answer questions and offer advice.  All are welcome.  We are always looking for net controllers.It is great practice and fun to be net control, so please sign up with Todd Kleopfer-KD6RCM at #hamharder

Hope to hear you on the air!



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