New C4FM Digital Info Net

A new net has been started focusing on C4FM Digital. This is the digital mode of Yaesu’s line of System Fusion radios and is increasing in popularity. The net explores the features of these radios and what you can do in this digital mode including Wires-X which allows you to talk around the world.

The net is held Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. on the Oat Mountain repeater. Located above the San Fernando Valley, this is the closest compatible repeater to Ventura County. (K6PUW-Open Repeater, 447.200 -5.000. Set DG-ID Tx 00 and Rx 00 Wires-X Room 21042.) This repeater is linked to many other repeaters in Southern California through the SoCal Link Network. You can check it out at

This digital mode is growing in popularity and Yaesu is producing new C4FM radios to handle the demand. If you have a C4FM capable radio, check into the net and see what it’s all about. Check-ins have come from all over including Michigan, Florida, and New Zealand!

There are also plans for occasional C4FM digital simplex nets on 145.5625. If you are mobile make sure you are in the “GM” mode so that others can see you are in the area. Gary Bostrup-KM6DMM and Todd Kleopfer- KD6RCM share net control duties on the net and look forward to hearing those that can reach the Oat Mountain repeater or through a hotspot/Wires-X on the LA repeater.

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