President’s Message

Hello CVARC members, families, and guests!

Ed Zimmermann-N6XEW

Wait! It’s November?  What happened to October?  In just a little over a month we have the CVARC Holiday Banquet on December 15th in place of our normal monthly general meeting. If you have not purchased your tickets for this wonderful event, you can do so at the November 17th General Meeting.  There’s more information here. At our November meeting we will be electing our 2023 Board of Directors, please plan on attending. The 2023 Board of Directors is elected by a vote of members attending the meeting.

On Sunday, November 6th. we will all be turning our clocks back one hour. It’s also a great time to check the batteries in go bags and smoke detectors, check emergency food/water rations and change the filters in our AC/heating systems.

Our November 17th CVARC General Meeting, our topic will be: Parachute Mobile – When was the last time you worked 146.520 from 14,500 feet? How about while floating down to earth under a parachute? We’ll meet Carlos Felix-KD9OLN who takes his radio on jumps and has made 2m, 10m, and 20m contacts on the way down. 

CVARC VE session in October saw five newly licensed technicians and one upgrade to Amateur EXTRA! Craig Grimm-KD6NFD!  Congratulations to all! CVARC is also starting an Amateur Extra Licensing Class beginning November 6th at 8 A.M. at the East County Sheriff Station. Contact Keith Elliott-W6KME for more information. –

CVARC is starting a C4FM Digital net. We meet Wednesdays at 7:30 P.M. on the 447.200 Oat Mountain repeater. For more information contact Todd Kleopfer-KD6RCM at If you have a Yaesu Fusion capable radio, please join us.

Our Newbie Net meets every Sunday night at 7 P.M. The Newbie Net is an opportunity for newer hams to get on the air and gain experience and confidence. More experienced hams or “Elmers” regularly check in and are available to answer questions and offer advice.  All are welcome. We are always looking for net controllers.It is great practice and fun to be net control, so please sign up with Todd Kleopfer-KD6RCM at #hamharder. 

Hope to hear you on the air!



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