CVARC welcomes new Hams, old Hams, and non-Hams who are interested in learning about radio communications and sharing the friendship and camaraderie of the local Ham community.

The Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club is a not-for-profit international organization of amateur radio enthusiasts. We provide education forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill and professional growth of our members.

President’s Message

Andy Ludlum – KI6NON

February 2016!!

The biggest benefit of being a member of CVARC is the opportunity you have to learn from other club members. We have people in the club with amazing experiences and talents who are tremendous resources, especially if you are new to the hobby.

Case in point; at the last meeting some of you may have met Cyndi and Ernie who had moored their boat, the Liberator II, in the Channel Islands Harbor as they made preparations to sail to San Diego and ultimately Mexico. They asked if anyone had any experience with an Icom M-710, a marine transceiver which also operates on the ham bands.

No sooner did they ask their question than in walked Ben Kuo, KK6FUT. Ben was not only familiar with the M-710, he’d been working on one that very day! Cyndi and Ernie were still asking Ben questions when we had to close up the Community Room at the East County Sheriff’s Station. Since the meeting, Ben and his son Jonathan, KK6ODQ have spent some time on the Liberator II. They checked out the radio and antenna tuner and helped Cyndi and Ernie understand how everything works. Ben also set them up with the Baofeng dual band radio, so now they can listen in on both UHF/VHF repeater traffic as well as marine HF and ham transmissions.

By the time you read this, Cyndi and Ernie should be settling in at their next stop, San Diego. Ben set them up with frequencies for some San Diego hams, so hopefully they’ll continue to get good advice. Well done, Ben, this exemplifies the spirit of ham radio!
While maybe not as dramatic as the Cyndi and Ernie story, I always learn something new talking with members at the meetings. And, the “dinner with the speaker” before the meeting is a great time to share ideas in a casual setting.
We have an informal committee getting together to brainstorm ideas for future speakers at club meetings. So far Brad Ormsby, W6VO and David Arata, KA9WMI are joining Tim Wheeler, K6POI and me. Anyone else who is interested is always welcome, please talk to Tim or me.

We had our Winter Field Day on Saturday, January 30th at Thousand Oaks Community Park. For Southern California it was even a little wintery, with overcast and cool temps, even a light sprinkle but a good time was had by all. These events are great opportunities to get on the radio, especially if you haven’t worked some of the HF bands and modes.

With Adrian Jarrett, K6KY, joining the CVARC board at our last meeting we have only one position left, the Social Chair. This is your opportunity to be the most popular person in the club as your efforts benefit all the members and provide the social glue (food!) for the club.

Finally, it’s been over ten years since we’ve had a comprehensive survey of your skills and interests. Especially in this “Year of the Project,” the survey results will help us target guest speakers, projects and other club activities. Mark Horner, KK6IKX has been working with the board on this and we hope to have the survey in your hands shortly.