CVARC welcomes new Hams, old Hams, and non-Hams who are interested in learning about radio communications and sharing the friendship and camaraderie of the local Ham community.

The Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club is a not-for-profit international organization of amateur radio enthusiasts. We provide education forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill and professional growth of our members.

President’s Message

President’s Message
Andy Ludlum-K6AGL

It’s rare to hear the price of something is going down, but that’s the case with CVARC dues.

In March we formed a special committee of the board to review the club’s dues structure. As you know, we’ve stopped mailing out the monthly newsletter, making it an entirely online publication. That allowed us to stop spending on postage which had been the club’s largest expense. With that savings in mind, the committee was asked to look at whether member’s dues could be reduced while still keeping the club in a good financial position for the future.

At the April club meeting, members approved the committee’s proposal to reduce the annual dues as follows:

  • Single membership is reduced from $25 to $20 dollars
  • Family membership is reduced from $30 to $25 dollars
  • Multi-year single membership is reduced from $20 to $16
  • New Ham 1st year rate of $10 is unchanged

In order to be fair to members who have already paid their dues for this year, we decided the reduction will become effective May 1, 2017. This will also allow us to transition to having everyone’s dues payable at the same time.

Nothing changes for members renewing this month, but beginning with June renewals, you would pay on a pro-rata basis through April 30, 2017. Then going forward, all members would renew on May 1st.

It will take a little special attention to make the transition, but we’re ready to help you out. Either visit with Christian at the club meeting or email for pro-rated dues figures for renewals between June and April, 2017.

I want to thank the members of the special committee, Norm Campbell-AB6ET, Ben Herrera-W6JWZ and Christian Ylagan-K6CAY for meeting with me and conducting a thoughtful analysis of CVARC’s finances.

CVARC’s “Year of the Project” was enjoyed by a couple of dozen members who spent the morning of Saturday, April 30th at the Sheriff’s Station building the Altoid tin 9:1 unun. Besides having a nice, minty smell, the unun works quite well! Thanks to Ben Herrera-W6JWZ, Ben Kuo-KK6FUT, and Norm Campbell-AB6ET for helping everyone through the build. We’d like to do more projects this year. If there is something you think would make a good club project, please let us know.

It’s not too late to sign up for the tour of the Rabbit Radio repeater site on Chatsworth Peak. The “open house” will be June 4th from 1-3p.m. Rabbit Radio Network President and CVARC member Emmett Dunlap-WA6COT will take sign ups again at the May 19th club meeting. There are a number of interesting installations at the site as well as a fantastic view.