KK6WT’s Waterman Mountain SOTA Activation

Huston Herman-KK6WT conducted a successful SOTA activation March 21st on Waterman Mountain (W6/CT-012.) Waterman Mountain, at 8,041 feet, is a prominent peak in the San Gabriel Mountains of Los Angeles County within the Angeles National Forest and San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.

Huston used a lightweight and compact Lab599 TX-500 HF Transceiver and operated at 10 watts. He deployed a 53’ random wire antenna with a home brew 9:1 balun. His results were impressive. He had a total of 35 QSOs:

11 on 2 Meters

3 on 10 Meters

11 on 20 Meters

9 on 12 Meters

1 on 6 Meters

And as you can see below he had some time to slide around in the snow!

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