2022 CVARC Board Elected

The 2022 CVARC Board of Directors was elected by members attending the November 18th General Meeting. Board members serve for a one-year term beginning January 1, 2022.

President: Ed Zimmermann-N6XEW

Vice President: Brad Ormsby-W6VO

Secretary: Craig Grimm-KD6NFD

Treasurer: Christian Ylagan-K6CAY

Operations: Martin Hickey-AJ6CL

Technical: Nathan Eng-KN6ISM

Publisher: Andy Ludlum-K6AGL

Social: Mike Felio-K6MJF

Education: Keith Elliott-W6KME

Public Relations: Victor Zeng-W2AYZ

Member at Large: Zak Cohen-N6PK

Member at Large: Warren Wegerer-K6WKW

Member at Large: Phil  Bartlett-K6UJO

Member at Large: Ron Topolinski-K6CPR

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