President’s Message on CVARC Holiday Party

Dear CVARC Members and Friends,

As everyone knows, we have had a difficult last two years with all the COVID-19 issues and the resulting problems.

We tried to plan a fun CVARC Holiday Party as we have done for the past several years.  It is a great time to get together and share our friendships in person and not over our radios.  Unfortunately, we are not over all these issues yet, and a majority of members are not ready to be part of the CVARC Holiday Party.  I am sure there are several reasons why.  I know some have been cooped up for too long and need to travel out of their caves, some have other commitments and some just think it is too soon to be inside with others.  So, I am sorry to say, we need to postpone our CVARC Holiday Party another year!

We hope to hear you on the radio and zooms!



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