CVARC Spring Fling Set for Sunday!

CVARC is planning a special amateur radio event for the afternoon of Sunday, April 11th

While the pandemic still makes it impossible for us to get together in person, we hope to keep the spirit of camaraderie and togetherness alive among hams in the Conejo Valley with the CVARC Spring Fling.

The idea of the CVARC Spring Fling is to hold a series of events connecting hams over the air and on Zoom.

Spring Fling Rover Roundup Contest

  • The contest runs from noon to 3 p.m. and is being coordinated by Keith Elliott-W6KME.
  • 2-meters, FM simplex phone only. Recommended frequencies: 146.550 and 146.580 etc in +30KHz intervals (be careful to not interfere with non-contest traffic!)
  • One QSO per call, per 6-digit Maidenhead grid. Only one QSO per call is allowed, unless either station has changed grid squares. Stations may log as many contacts with each other as possible as long as at least one station is operating from a new grid square.
  • Exchange: Call + First Name + LAST two digits of six-digit Maidenhead Grid + “Location #” (Location 1, Location 2, etc., with the number being the number of locations the station has operated from.)
  • Scoring: 1 point per QSO, times multipliers
  • Each grid square a station operates TO or FROM acts as a multiplier of the total score.
  • Scores must be submitted to Keith-W6KME during the post-contest Zoom meeting or by other means during the Zoom meeting.  Scores may be submitted and recorded later but won’t be eligible for the prize.
  • A detailed, interactive Maidenhead grid map is available here.
  • Prizes for the top three scores!

Spring Fling Zoom

Brad Ormsby-W6VO) will open a Zoom session at 11:00 AM and the Zoom will remain open until one hour past the end of the Rover Roundup (4 p.m.). Members are encouraged to drop-in anytime during the event.  The winner of the Roundup will be announced in the Zoom following the contest.

Here’s the link to the Spring Fling Zoom:

Meeting ID: 945 9707 8960

Password: 016295

Spring Fling SOTA Event

Paul Van Zuyle-K6PVZ will coordinate at SOTA event in conjunction with the CVARC Spring Fling. SOTA or Summits on the Air is when club members climb local hills with their portable radio gear and activate designated SOTA peaks. Come and enjoy summit-to-summit contacts and the benefit of getting high (altitude!) Paul-K6PVZ will coordinate the CVARC SOTA activators. Contact him at

2 Replies to “CVARC Spring Fling Set for Sunday!”

  1. Fellow CVARC contesters;

    I plan to hike up Ladyface Mtn in Agoura this morning, and do both VHF and HF SOTA activation. That is in DM04OD. I will stay there until I have run out of contacts on 146.55 and 146.58 after the start of the contest at 1200 local.

    Then I will hike down, and drive south on Kanan and turn off at Hidden Highlands road, just north of Mulholland. That will put me in DM04OC. That will be about 1300 local.

    After that, I will travel west on Mulholland and north on Westlake, to a turnout near the top of the hill where I can activate DM04NC at about 1330.

    Next I will drive north up Westlake and through town to the top of Grissom, where there is a grid line between DM04NE and DM04OE just steps to the east from the end of the road. I will probably activate the first with a mobile radio, and the second with an HT about 1400.

    Finally, I will turn back south, go home in WLV, and then hike or bike up to a hill just south of the 101 in DM04ND, about 1430 until the end of the contest at 1500.

    That’s 6 6-digit grids in 3 hours, with luck. I look forward to working you from some or all!

    73, Paul K6PVZ

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