Studying for License Exams

How do you learn what you need to to know to pass the license exams?

Until the restrictions on gatherings due to COVID 19 are lifted, CVARC will hold license exam classes on Zoom during 2021. Check this website frequently. As the classes are announced, details will be posted here.

You can also study for an amateur radio license on your own. With careful study and practice you can prepare for and pass license exams at all levels. Here are some useful steps to success:

  • Get a License Manual – There are manuals for each class of license.  Each manual covers the information on the exam and includes the complete question pool with the answers.  The ARRL License Manuals tend to be a little more formally written, compared to the Gordon West License Manuals.  Also popular are the No-Nonsense Guides.
  • Study Online – There are several websites that offer online education and practice tests.  But be careful that the site, or app, you’ve chosen is using the current question pool.  The question pools are revised every 4 years.  (The current Technician class question pool is valid until June 30, 2022. The General class pool is valid until June 30, 2023. The Extra class question pool is valid until June 30, 2024.) Popular online study options include:

Ham Test Online

Ham Study

QRZ Online Tests

Ham Exam

  • Join CVARC – Find an “Elmer” who can assist you with study materials and preparing for your exam.

Until CVARC is able to hold test sessions (VE Sessions), there is an online testing option available that allows you to obtain your license or upgrade as soon as you are ready. Please read the two links on this page to learn how to sign up for online license examinations:

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