Six Ways to Get the Most Out of Field Day Even If We Can’t Be Together

There are several special amateur radio initiatives planned in Ventura County during Field Day 2020, June 27-28th.  The COVID-19 crisis makes us unable to gather in large groups as we have in the past. We are attempting to recapture some of the camaraderie and fellowship among hams in other ways by making the following options available for those who choose to participate in them.  Nothing here is compulsory.  The idea is to have some fun.  Feel free to participate in whatever interests you.

1.            Field Day Net, Zak Cohen-N6PK: During the 24 hours of Field Day we will maintain a linked repeater network throughout Ventura County to answer questions and help participants with problems. Volunteer net controllers will monitor the net and identify themselves every 20 minutes (20 minutes after hour/20 minutes before hour/and on the hour) . Net controllers will try to answer any questions raised or, if needed, refer the caller to one of the volunteer “Elmers” who will be standing by to assist, either on the net or in the Zoom session as outlined in point 3 below.

Bozo Repeater 147.885 -offset PL 127.3
  • The linked repeaters all have a negative offset and PL  of 127.3.
  • Bozo (Rasnow Peak): 147.885 MHz
  • Chatsworth Peak: 145.240 MHz
  • Sulphur Mountain: 145.200 MHz

For more information contact Zak at

2.            “Agony Aunts” Initiative: Via Zoom, every Wednesday until Field Day at 3:00 PM, starting May 27th.  Andy Moorwood- K3CAQ will recruit a panel of radio experts to answer Field Day questions in weekly Zoom sessions. 

Andy and the Elmers (the “Agony Aunts”) will solicit radio and Field Day questions from members and address a selection of the questions during the session.  The Agony Aunts will appear in the currently ongoing, 3:00 P.M. Wednesday Zoom sessions hosted by Brad Ormsby-W6VO. Click here for a link to the “Agony Aunts” sessions. If you have a question for our panel of elmers please follow the link below and enter it in the “comment” area.  Questions will be accepted “live” at the meetings, but we will address the questions entered on the website first.

3.            Zoom Initiative, Brad Ormsby-W6VO: Brad will open a 24-hour Zoom session that will remain open for the duration of Field Day.  Members are free to drop-in anytime during the event, but three scheduled meetings, will be held in the room at:

  • 10:00 AM Saturday (6/27) one hour before the start of FD
  • 7:00 PM Saturday for a social hour
  • 11:00 AM Sunday (6/28) at the close of FD to discuss results

Link to the 24- hour Zoom Initiative:

Meeting ID: 961 6966 2509  No Password.

4.            Real-Time Score Reporting Initiative, Stu Sheldon-AG6AG:  Hams using logging software may opt to point their software to  to report their Field Day QSO’s as they make them. You’ll see your own progress and be able to monitor progress of others in the county in “near-real-time.”  Stu has posted five videos on Field Day prep, including how to set up this real-time reporting and how to monitor progress of ourselves and our colleagues.  Find Stu’s videos here: 

5.            The VHF Initiative, Keith Elliott-W6KME: To promote the participation of those holding Technician-level privileges, experienced operators have been recruited to monitor VHF simplex frequencies and encourage Technicians to make Field Day QSO’s with them.  It is suggested you call during the first 10 minutes of each hour on the National Simplex Frequency: 146.520 MHz as well as 146.550 and 146.580. In addition, a special contest has been created as part of the VHF Initiative. The Terry Graves Memorial Field Day Event is a 2 meter voice contest that takes place during Field Day. It awards points for QSOs in several categories and is designed so that everyone in Ventura County is able to participate. If you are a Technician-level licensee and even if you have only a hand-held radio, get on the air and call CQ!  Click here for more information on the VHF Initiative.

6.            Post Field Day Data Collection:  Martin Hickey-AJ6CL plans to distribute a simple survey to operators in the various clubs across the county to collect final numbers of QSO’s made by members for publication on the CVARC website in order to highlight the accomplishments of hams in Ventura County.  This will be an easy survey and is independent of the scores that members will submit to the ARRL as official Field Day entries.

Remember, all these initiatives are being made available for you to enjoy at your own discretion.  Nothing here is mandatory.  Feel free to participate in all, some, or none as you wish.  Have a good Field Day.  Stay safe and have fun!



4 Replies to “Six Ways to Get the Most Out of Field Day Even If We Can’t Be Together”

  1. I’m going to be 1 or 2 Delta for the first time on Field Day. I understand D stations can’t count contacts with other D stations for points. My question is: is it considered bad etiquette for a D station to answer another D station’s CQ? Would it be unwelcome assuming that station calling CQ is looking for points? Or am I being too sensitive and should I just man-up because its Field Day?

  2. Dear Agony Auntie,

    Please help me track down a periodic noise I hear on 20, 40 and 80 Meters.

    Rig is an Icom 7100. Antenna is an end-fed running mostly N/S. Tuner is a LDG 1000. Power supply is a straight battery.

    The noise is a pulsating noise, similar to that heard at the beginning of the movie “Contact” (There is no signal in the noise, alas).

    The noise disappears when I disconnect the Antenna or attach the rig to a dummy load.

    Otherwise the noise seems to persist with close-in likely sources such as florescent lights, solar inverters, battery chargers, power supplies, power strips, ceiling fans, are on or off. I have yet to check other sources at my QTH as they will require me to shut down circuit breakers which distresses my better half.

    The noise is not detectable with a portable AM radio or on my Kenwood TH-F6A set to 40 meters.

    I will try another antenna with the IC-7100 and report the results at the 1500 Zoom meeting.


    Puzzled in Simi Valley

    1. Dear Puzzled of Simi Valley
      Thank you for the details provided at the ZOOM call on 5/27/20
      Agony Aunts propose the following:
      1. Verify the street lamps are on during the day
      2. Contact the power company and ask them to address the malfunction
      3. Report back next week
      Best Regards
      The Aunts

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