N6ZE’s Spring 2020 2 Meter SPRINT Results

By Pete Heins-N6ZE

I operated from a local Thousand Oaks hilltop (DM04ne) during the first two hours of the Spring 2 Meter SPRINT, which was held on Monday evening, April 6th. Hint: To increase one’s VHF/UHF score go to the highest hilltop you can access!

I made 23 QSOs in 3 Grids. Score is 69. I contacted DM04 (19 QSO), DM03 (1 QSO), & DM13 (3 QSO).

I also heard K6MYC in DM07 (205 miles), north of Fresno and N6RMJ in DM25 (257 miles), in the Northwest corner of Arizona. Not one peep was heard from DM12, DM14, CM94, or CM95.

Despite a weather forecast calling for rain, skies were clear, temperature in high 50s and I was illuminated by an almost full moon. I operated with an FT857 (50w) and 5 elements of an 8 element M>2 yagi. Mountain ranges in all directions hindered DX possibilities, as usual.

More than 50% of the QSOs were on FM, with the rest on SSB. I did not try FT-8 from my mobile setup. Best DX was W6PMD near Riverside at 91 miles. The closest station worked was only 75 feet away from me!

Most of the DM04 QSOs were with members of Ventura County ACS/ARES, CVARC, or VCARS.  Contacts (QSOs) were made with stations in Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Santa Paula, Simi Valley, Newbury Park, Moorpark and Camarillo

Thanks to all of the Ventura County hams who ‘got on the air’ for this event.

Don’t forget that  “I’ll be back” next week and will be looking for contacts, on Tuesday evening, April 14th, for the 222 MHz (135 cm) SPRINT.

Pete, N6ZE
Member Ventura County ACS/ARES, CVARC, PNWVHFS, & VCARS

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