President’s Message

Brett Price-KM6VFW

Your Board Members have met and determined to cancel the March 19, 2020 meeting for the protection of our membership. 

Given the recommendation of federal, state and local health authorities regarding efforts to avoid contracting coronavirus (COVID-19), including social distancing, among others, the demographics of our membership, the virulent and aggressive nature of this disease, and your Board’s desire to help our members to avoid contamination, we believe this is the best decision for CVARC and its membership. This decision was difficult but necessary. We hope to resume meetings in April or May, depending upon facts and circumstances relating to coronavirus.

In the meantime, your Board is undertaking an analysis of various alternative methods of delivering the content of our meetings to the membership, if a physical meeting cannot be held.  Naturally, we will keep you apprised of the status of future meetings and our efforts to offer alternative access if a meeting cannot be held.

I would like to thank Andy Moorwood-K3CAQ for an excellent job in putting on the AREDN Mesh event, which was well attended and well presented.  The event was labeled a “Flash Mob”, not because we all got up and danced, but because the event was used to help us in “flashing” the firmware in our mesh hardware enabling the mesh system to operate. Andy’s article on our website describes the event in more detail. My thanks to all the individuals who assisted in putting on this event.

This last weekend Zak Cohen-N6PK and Stu Sheldon-AG6AG put on a digital class focusing on the use and operation of packet communications and Fldigi communications. Thanks to Zak and Stu for putting on an excellent program that all of the attendees enjoyed and learned from.  Zak will be planning to hold this program again in the future, so if you were unable to attend, please keep an eye open for Zak’s announcements.

Your Board members and I are prepared to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us in that regard. I am sorry that my first message as your President comes at a difficult time and has a somber tone to it, but I remain excited about the many opportunities our club offers our members in terms of events, projects, and future meetings and look forward to working for our club and your benefit.


Brett L. Price- KM6VFW

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