President’s Message

Well, another year is coming to an end.  And with it, so does my term as club President.  

I hope everyone has enjoyed these last two years – the meetings and programs, the Field Days, Picnics, project builds, the holiday parties, and everything else we’ve done. 

I wanted to again thank the rest of the 2019 Board of Directors, Brett Price-KM6VFW, Andy Ludlum-K6AGL, Christian Ylagan-K6CAY, Kat Hunley-K6VQN, Adrian Jarrett-K6KY, Bill Willcox-KF6JQO, Paul Van Zuyle-K6PVZ, Mike Felio-K6MJF, Mark Horner-KK6IKX, Zak Cohen-N6PK and Diane Wainwood-KJ6JEJ…  And also Dean Nedelman-K6DIN for running the Raffle, Rob Hanson-W6RH for his ACS work, Jeff Reinhardt-AA6JR for leading the VE sessions (and all those VEs who regularly volunteer to work the test sessions), Steve Gillis-KZ6H for creating and running the Morse Group, Todd Kleopfer-KD6RCM for staffing and running the Newbie Net and for gathering calendar items for the club’s website.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.  But, more importantly, I hope this illustrates how CVARC has so many people pitching in and doing their part to make this big club work. 

And that brings us to the Hugh Bosma Legacy Award.

Each year the club’s Board of Directors choses one club member to honor for his or her contributions to the club and the hobby of ham radio.  The award has only been around for a few years, so it’s not an easy decision when there are so many deserving members.  But we can only choose one.  And this year’s winner is certainly deserving of the honor.  If you were not at the holiday party, and haven’t already heard, let me recap:

He’s been a CVARC member for nearly 15 years.  He’s served on the Board of Directors for nine years in three different positions including five years as a Member at Large, two years as Secretary, and two years as President.  He created and has been part of the Speakers Committee since its inception.  He’s served many times as a VE at our test sessions, and he was instrumental in the move from a club newsletter to our new, dynamic website.  This year’s winner of the Hugh Bosma Legacy Award is… K6AGL, Andy Ludlum.  Congratulations Andy!

Congratulations also to the Raffle winners.  Steve Gillis-KZ6H who won the $150 DX Engineering Gift Card, and Andy Moorwood-K3CAQ who won the Grand Prize, a $350 DX Engineering Gift Card.

It’s been an honor and a privilege serving as club President.  I hope I’ve done well.  In January, Brett Price-KM6VFW takes over as President.  I wish him good luck.  I’m sure he’ll be great. 


Stu Forman-AD6SF

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