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Recently, Yahoo announced major changes with all Yahoo Groups including our group, CVARC Discussion.  As of October 28th, new content could no longer be uploaded to the site.  All previously posted content on the site will be permanently removed after December 14th.

Obviously, this did not meet our Club’s needs, so we began the process of moving to a new group service,  If you are an ACS member, you are already familiar with  Other clubs and organizations have made similar moves.

The good thing is you don’t have to do anything to be a part of the CVARC discussion group on  The migration has been completed.  If you were a member of the Yahoo group, you should have received an email telling you that your email address has been used to subscribe to the new group.  You can set your preferences for message delivery by going to the group’s home page.

If you think you have been overlooked or want to join the group, simply write to to subscribe.

Below are several useful group email addresses:

Group Owner:

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Andy Ludlum.

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