President’s Message

Wow, what a great weekend of radio fun!

This past weekend was the 54th Annual California QSO Party.  This was my second year participating.  I operated for about 7 hours, over the two days, and I managed to make contacts in 26 California counties, 27 states, 3 Canadian provinces and two other foreign countries (France and Honduras).  79 contacts in all.  I worked fellow CVARC member Bob Hughes-K6HHW and heard Norm Campbell-AB6ET as we both tried to work an Italian station.  I also heard Pete Heins-N6ZE.  Hopefully other CVARC members were in on the fun, especially those who recently upgraded to General.

On Sunday, day two of the CQP, was CVARC’s Mini-Field Day & Picnic.  About 25 club members came out to operate and socialize.  Thanks to Bill Willcox-KF6JQO for making the arrangements with the park and for getting lunch.  Thanks to Brett Price-KM6VFW for bringing the coffee, donuts and bagels.  And thanks to Sue Hanson-N6OIZ for helping Bill with lunch.  It was a really nice time.  Be sure to check out the photos.

If you’re ready for more on-air fun, this coming weekend are the Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona and South Dakota QSO parties so there should be a lot of activity.

In other news, we’re still accepting nominations for 2020 Board positions, and for the Hugh Bosma Legacy Award.  If you’re interested in running for a Board position, or nominating someone for the Hugh Bosma Legacy Award, please email the Board at

Also, if you hold a General Class license and are interested in upgrading to an Extra Class, we have a 5-week class starting on Saturday, November 9 that leads up to the December 8 VE Test Session.  Details are here.



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