CVARC VE Session Report – August 11, 2019

CVARC’s August VE session served 21 candidates. Among those who earned new licenses or upgrades at the session were:

Name                                                  Call                             New License Class

Clement M. Alberts                    KM6OKZ                     Extra

Michael A. Bosland                     KN6DWB                    General

Paul L. Bowyer                              KN6DWA                    Technician

Billy E. Boyd                                    KC6LFI                        General

Daniel L. Clark                               KN6DVZ                      Technician

Jake M. Dellacort                          KN6DVY                     Technician

Keith M. Elliott                                KN6DWC                    General

Peter J. Gillen                                  KN6DVX                     Technician

Ted D. Johnson                              KN6DVW                    Technician

Arthur Jukes                                    KM6ZXO                     General

Victor S. Lin                                      AJ6LA                          Extra

Catinca D. Madrazo                       KN6DVV                     Technician

Patrick A. McCombs                    KN6DWD                    General

Mark T. McDonald                          KN6DVU                     Technician

Thomas A. McDonald                   KN6DWE                    General

Thomas P. Trafalski                       KN6DVT                      Technician

CVARC conducts exams on the second Sunday of each even-numbered month. The next session is scheduled for Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 8:30 a.m. at the East Valley Sheriff Station

CVARC VE sessions are sanctioned by the ARRL VEC and are made possible by a team of experienced Volunteer Examiners. Participating Volunteer Examiners at the session included:  Andy Ludlum, K6AGL;  Robert Shank, KM6RSS;  Zak Cohen, N6PK; Steven Reinhardt, K6SJR; Ken Sandberg, KS3I; Phil Bartlett, K6UJO; Rob Hanson W6RH and Noel Van Slyke, K6NVS.  

CVARC Volunteer Examiners donate their time to help advance Amateur Radio and their assistance is greatly appreciated.  VE sessions are one of the components that help CVARC qualify for the ARRL’s Special Service Club designation.

Submitted by Jeff Reinhardt AA6JR, CVARC VE Session Coordinator

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