President’s Message

I can’t believe it’s already May!  Another year is flying by. 

Thanks to club VP Brett Price-KM6VFW for running the meeting last month, while I was back east with my family for Spring Break, and for filling in again at this month’s meeting, which I’ll miss because of a school event. I look forward to seeing you all very soon, but I know things are in good hands.

You’ve probably noticed that the club is growing.  Every month we’re adding new members.  With so many new members, the Board thought it might be time for a few reminders about how to get more out of the club and our website. 

As a CVARC member, you can have a email address.  Incoming messages will be forwarded to your regular email address.  If you’re interested, send me an email with your call sign and the email address to which you’d like incoming emails forwarded.  It’s that simple, and the CVARC email addresses can usually be set up within a few hours.

Also, the website includes a feature called The Ham Cam.  This is a carryover from our Newsletter days.  It’s a place to share photos and memories with fellow club members.  You can find the Ham Cam posts by clicking on the link in the Categories list on the website.  I added a post recently (thank you Jeff Reinhardt-AA6JR) but, otherwise, there hasn’t been anything posted since August.  Please send me any interesting photo(s) you’d like to share, along with a brief description of what it is, or why it’s special.  It could be an interesting piece of gear (like a vintage radio or a Morse code key), or maybe you have a special QSL card, or a photo of yourself operating W1AW, or you and your shack back when you first got started in radio.  Also, as you continue to do interesting radio-related things, please remember to take a few photos and share them with us.

We’d also love to see more articles written by members.  In the past, and especially during our newsletter days, members routinely submitted articles.  Some articles were technical – how to build something – while others were of a more general nature.  Ben Kuo-AI6YR wrote about his adventure operating from atop Mt. Washington, the highest peak in New England.  Pete Heins-N6ZE wrote about his adventures in VHF/UHF contesting.  If you click on the Technical Articles category, you’ll find a few articles, but we’d love to see more.  If there’s an article you’ve written and would like to share, please send it to me…  And, if you’re interested, the old club newsletters – from November, 2000 through July, 2018 – can be found under the Informational Links on the website.  It’s a lot of fun to look back.

Finally, if you have any gear for sale, or if you’re looking to purchase something, we can post it on the website.  And if there is any radio-related event that you’d like added to the club calendar, please send me the details.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing you all at next month’s meeting aaaand then at Field Day!!!



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