Save the Dates: June 21-23 is Field Day

-by Bill Willcox- KF6JQO CVARC Operations Chair and 2019 Field Day Chair

It’s time to start getting ready for CVARC’s 2019 ARRL Field Day. 

There is no better learning experience in ham radio than participating in a Field Day event. Once again we will be using the practice fields at Maple Elementary School, 3501 West Kimber Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Setup will start 1100 PDT on June 21.  (Please don’t come any earlier as, according to the Field Day Rules, we can set up no sooner than 1100). Operations will start at 1100 PDT June 22 and end 1100 PDT June 23. Cleanup will commence at 1100 PDT June 23. There will be a BBQ on the afternoon and evening of June 22 (details to follow).

NEW THIS YEAR:  Assuming we can get one more large truck we will have THREE tents:  one for CW, one for voice/data, and one for socializing. 

To reduce RF interference:

  • We will have RF Ground Straps for the operations tents.
  • We will separate the operating tents.
  • We will line up the antennas to minimize near field interference.

FT8 is legal this year, assuming you use a version that can complete the field day exchange.


  • Set up help including labor and transportation on 6/21.
  • Clean up help including labor and transportation on 6/23.
  • Band Captains, all bands, phone, CW and Data modes (band captains are responsible for equipment)
  • Operators, all bands, phone, CW and data modes
  • One additional telescoping mast
  • One additional multi-band HF antenna
  • 6M, Satellite, VHF and UHF antennas and masts
  • Help with the BBQ on 6/22
  • Two each 3.5 kWe 120 VAC generators (we reimburse for fuel)
  • Tables, Chairs, support equipment

CONTACT: Bill Willcox at the CVARC meeting 4/18/19 or at

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