The Ham Cam

By Stuart Forman-KK6VYS

A few photos from the August 12, 2018 Test Session. 


It was a proud day for me.  Less than a week after his 10th birthday, my son, Harrison, got his Technician Class license.


To prepare for the exam, Harrison attended CVARC’s class, taught by Bill Willcox-KF6JQO – Thanks Bill!  He also did a fair amount of self-study and took about a dozen practice tests.

Less than a week later, he had his call sign, KM6VGE.  He’s now a semi-regular on the local repeaters, and he’s checked into the Newbie Net AND the Tuesday night ARES/ACS Net!!!


Thanks to all who have answered his calls.  I really appreciate it…  He’s already itching to get on HF, and plans to take the General class, which starts on September 15.

Do you have any ham radio stories you want to share?  Or interesting gear?  A vintage radio?  An old or unique Morse code key?  A special QSL card?  Tell us about it!  Send photos and a brief description to

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