President’s Message

Hello!  …and welcome to the new CVARC website!  Take a few minutes to explore it.  Click around.  I’ll wait…  But then come back, ok?

Yes, we’ve moved into a new era.  Instead of publishing a monthly newsletter, we’ve decided to make our website a little more dynamic, by blending most of the information that was part of our previous website with the features that were typically part of our monthly newsletters.  Hopefully this new approach will make it easier for people to find the information they’re seeking. This redesign will also give the website more of a magazine-feel, with new content being adding throughout the month.

The design includes links across the top of the page to access information about the club and how to contact us, information about our meetings, getting licensed, membership, nets and repeaters, and links to informational websites, technical articles and photographs.  But you’ll also find additional links along the right side of the screen (or at the bottom if you’re on your cell phone) where posts are separated into categories.

Whenever something new is posted to the website, it is tagged, placing it into a category or maybe several categories.  Think of it as a filing system.  So, if you’re looking for a technical article you remember seeing a while back, you don’t have to scroll down and perhaps through several pages of posts in order to find it.  Just click on Technical Articles, and you should find it there.  This is the same if you were interested in a post pertaining to the Basic Radio Tech Talks, or the Morse Group, Licensing and License Classes, VE Test Sessions, etc.

Another feature we’re now able to offer is email addresses.  Yes, members in good standing can have a “your call sign” email address which will forward incoming emails to any other email address you might have.  For some club members, this might be a more desirable option than having an email address.  If you’d like to have an email address, please send an email to, give us your call sign and tell us to what email address you’d like your email forwarded.

Thanks to Ben Herrera-W6JWZ for all his website work over the last few years, despite his very busy schedule; Mark Horner-KK6IKX for helping to plan this newest version of the CVARC website; and especially Andy Ludlum-K6AGL for undertaking the task of designing this new website and importing all the information, articles, and photos, and for teaching me how to use it.  And a special shout out to Stu Sheldon-AG6AG for his wise technical advice.  I’m very excited about this new design.  Hopefully it serves our members and prospective members well for years to come.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to email us at




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