President’s Message

Hello, CVARC Members and Visitors,

Daphne Vandervalk-KN6TXX

April was a very busy month for CVARC with a variety of fun events to be part of. The VE session on the 14th resulted in another successful batch of new hams and upgraded licenses. We had a fantastic guest speaker at our general meeting, Nadya Seal Faith, who gave us a unique and interesting presentation on how radio is used to track wildlife that our club members were talking about for days. The following Saturday we held our special club event, the “Rover Round Up,” which had hams traveling around town to different grid squares (map areas), contacting each other on simplex to earn points and culminating with a picnic meet-up. Finally, on the 27th we held an antenna-building session which was successful by all accounts.

The sad note in April was the loss of club member David Arata-KA9WMI, who passed away after a brief illness. I had the pleasure of working with David in CVARC’s Speakers Committee and conversing with him on several occasions. He was obviously a brilliant man, and will be remembered and missed.

Ham radio’s big annual event, “Field Day,” is coming up in June, so our May general meeting will be Keith Elliott-W6KME discussing our club preparations for it. This year we are upping our game (or, in other words, increasing our comfort level) and would like to raise some money to make it an even better experience for participants. Please consider purchasing some merchandise here ( to help fund Field Day and look cool in your new gear.

We are also looking for volunteers to run the Newbie Net on Sunday evenings, and for new people to join the Speakers Committee. Let us know if you’re interested.



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