It’s Time For Field Day 2024!

Field Day 2024 is upon us! Our plan this year is very similar to 2023, when we were the largest setup in the entire country. There are still some Band Captain positions open. This year we’re also looking for several people to act as team leaders for various setup tasks on Friday, like the masts, antennas, tents, parking layout, etc. As usual we have an online spreadsheet where you can see who is doing what and what positions need filling.

As last year, Band Captains will be in charge of supplying or arranging the loan of a radio, tuner, coax (100-150 feet) and a plain wire dipole with a choke at the feed point. CVARC will provide filters for all stations. There is a fair amount of coax available also. Captains don’t need to OWN all the gear needed; just be sure it’s lined up to borrow. They should expect to be on site enough to show some others how to run the equipment during those hours they aren’t operating themselves.

Best of all, the BARBECUE IS BACK! Same price as last year, $20. Be sure to reserve early to make preparation easier. CVARC will be providing burgers and hot dogs for lunch on Saturday and donuts Sunday, and we’ll have round-the-clock coffee on hand.

The event starts for us at 5:00 P.M. Thursday, June 20th when we need several people to prepare the site, weed whacking, filling holes, and laying out the positions for the tents. Then the real fun starts Friday at 11:00 A.M. when we can start putting it all together. Once the event ends on Sunday, we’ll need a lot of volunteers to break everything down. And of course, Monday is the Porta Potty Party where a few people need to go over the site one last time and wait for the potties to be picked up.

Even if you aren’t providing a radio, there is a lot of stuff needed…pop-up canopies, chairs and tables for the food area, fire extinguishers, snacks to share, heavy duty extensions cords, long sections of coax, etc.

We’ll have a meeting on Zoom every Wednesday at 8:00 P.M. for general planning.

Meeting ID: 875 8273 5237

Password: 867597

Direct Link:

Call or email Keith Elliott-W6KME at for all questions or to sign up for any of the captain positions.

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