Get Your CVARC Field Day Merch

CVARC is now offering merchandise for “CVARC Field Day 2024” designed to create a cohesive look for the event.

Central to the collection is a black t-shirt featuring a vibrant, detailed illustration of a field day scene with mountains in the background, complemented by similar designs on a long sleeve t-shirt and a cap, both in matching dark tones.

Shirts are available in white, Irish green, black and orange The event branding continues on a special CVARC Field Day 2024 tumbler and on a square mouse pad. Show off your CVARC pride, while making our 2024 Field Day look great!

All proceeds from the sales go to the CVARC Field Day fund to defer the costs of the event.  Make sure to be at the May CVARC General Meeting to see all the merchandise in person! To check out and purchase the CVARC Field Day swag go to

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