Technical Articles

A Convenient Way to WSJT-X
Amateur Radios Raison Detre
Amgen Node
Antenna Myths
Balun Intro And Construction
Balun Photo
Basic Antennas
Battery Basics
Building a J-Pole Antenna
Burn In
Cross Band Repeating
Copper J-Pole
Digital Modes
EchoLink, IRLP, VOIP And HamPi
FM VHF Operating Guide
Fuse Those Batteries
Future of Amateur Radio
Getting on the Air
HF Skywave Comm Part 1
HF Skywave Comm Part 2
Info Net Presentation
Intro to SDR
J-Pole 300 Ohm
Magnetic Loop Antenna
Maximum Usable Angle
Maximum Usable Frequency
Maximum Usable Frequency
Personalities of HF Bands
Photovoltaic Club Presentation
Photovoltaics Combined
Photovoltaics for the Ham
Programming a Baofeng UV-5R
Remote Amateur Radio Over The Internet
Smooth Ham Operator
Solar Indices
Sporadic E
The Helpful Ham
The Mystery of the Green Antenna, Solved
VHF Propagation