Amgen IRLP Node

by Todd Kleopfer, KD6RCM

There is a feature on a Ventura County repeater that allows you to talk all around the world with only a technician license! An IRLP node has been connected to the Amgen W6AMG repeater at 449.440- pl 131.8.
Node: 3785

The IRLP, or Internet Radio Linking Project, uses Voice-over-IP software and hardware to connect to any other amateur radio repeater that has the same set-up. It is a worldwide network of dedicated servers and nodes offering worldwide stable voice communications to hundreds of towns and cities.

One of the reasons we chose IRLP rather than Echolink is that you actually have to use a radio to connect to the node.

The node also helps us connect to our other sites, using a reflector, through quarterly 'On-Air nets'. Amgen Amateur Radio Club members in Colorado, Washington and Fremont, Ca. have participated.

To use IRLP on the Amgen repeater or any other repeater that has IRLP, you need to know the node number of another repeater. Either your friend can tell you the number or you can look it up on this list:

Clicking on the Node ID link on the left side of the page will give you more information on the node and any special instructions. There are two connection modes for an IRLP connection: Direct one-to-one, or one-to-many via a reflector.

It is real easy to use IRLP. There are only two basic commands to remember: To connect to a node or a reflector, dial the 4-digit node number. (I.E. 9990 for the Echo Reflector) To disconnect from a node, dial 73.

On this repeater, you will need to wait for the node to unkey before issuing a command.

As a courteous operator, you will want to announce your call first, and ask if the node is in use. If the node is currently connected, you may want to ask if it.s okay to disconnect. If it.s not connected anywhere, announce that connecting or controlling, then dial up the node you want to connect to. If the node is already connected somewhere, you.ll hear a friendly, automated voice that will say .You are currently connected to node number XXXX.. If nobody objects, just disconnect with a 73, and connect to the node you want to use.

IRLP guidelines can be found at Everything you always wanted to know about IRLP can be found at

Talking on IRLP

Before you communicate using IRLP please familiarize yourself with how using IRLP differs from using conventional repeaters. The most important guideline to remember is to leave a 2 second pause after pressing the PTT button as well as between transmissions. Just as with any linking system, the IRLP is subject to some audio delays. These delays are caused by the amount of time digital information can take to be compressed and travel across the internet between the nodes and PL decoder boards on all of the participating repeaters. So the first thing to remember is to slow down and be patient. When in a conversation, remember to leave a second of dead air before speaking. Due to the timing issues with the system some nodes may require a longer period. By leaving a pause between transmissions you



Here is a quick summary of DO'S and DON'TS:



Use of the node is available to all amateurs that can access the repeater. If you have a licensed friend in another state or country that has an IRLP node on their repeater give it a try. There are over 1000 nodes out there.

Todd Kleopfer /KD6RCM
Amgen Amateur Radio Club



Updated:  June 8, 2011 7:43 PM