MondayCuckoo Net146.79-131.87:00am
California Rescue ARES Net7.258:30am
Condor Connection223.94-156.77:00pm(Rasnow Peak)
San Diego Six Shooter?s Net29.66-107.27:00pmLinked Repeaters
San Diego Six Shooter?s Net53.58-103.57:00pm
San Diego Six Shooter?s Net446.86-110.97:00pm
San Diego Six Shooter?s Net224.58-156.77:00pmOat Mtn
Condor Connection224.72-156.77:00pm(Frazier Mtn)
Santa Barbara South County ARES Net146.79-131.87:30pm
LA DCS Net147.225+7:30pmSwitches to 7.235 MHz LSB
Southern California ACS Net3.992, 3.9608:00pmLSB
VCARC Club Net146.97-127.38:30pm
VCARC Club Net28.48:30pmUSB
LA Section ARES Net (1st, 3rd, 4th Mondays)3.995 +/- 45kHz9:30pm
LA Section ARES Net (2nd Monday)28.4959:30pm
TuesdayCuckoo Net146.79-131.87:00am
California Rescue ARES Net7.258:30am
Ventury County ARES/ACS 6 Meter Net52.98-82.56:00pm
Ventury County ARES/ACS Nets145.2+127.37:00pmLocal Nets are by area and normally run from 7:00 to 7:30 PM. The County-wide Net starts at 7:30 PM and normally finishes by 8:00 PM
MARA 80M Net3.8837:30pmSSB
MARA 2M Net147.225+94.88:00pm
6-Meter Roundtable50.1258:00pmUSB. 1st Tuesday, Monthly
West SB ARES HF Net3.8228:30pmLSB. 1st Tuesday, Monthly
ATV Net146.79-131.88:30pm
WednesdayCuckoo Net146.79-131.87:00am
California Rescue ARES Net7.258:30am
Channel Islands10-10 Net28.3410:00amUSB
Southern California ACS Net7.2310:00am
Channel Islands10-10 Net28.346:00pmUSB
15 meters HF Roundtable21.333 Mhz + or _ a few khz for QRM-7:30pmLSB
Santa Barbara ARC Swap Net146.79-131.88:00pm
ThursdayCuckoo Net146.79-131.87:00am
California Rescue ARES Net7.258:30am
So Cal 6 Meter Net51.94-82.57:00pm
FridayCuckoo Net146.79-131.87:00am
California Rescue ARES Net7.258:30am
MARA/ERRS International 20M Net14.28910:00pmSSB
San Diego Six Shooter?s Net29.66-107.28:00pmLinked Repeaters
San Diego Six Shooter?s Net53.58-103.58:00pm
San Diego Six Shooter?s Net446.86-110.98:00pm
San Diego Six Shooter?s Net224.58-156.78:00pmOat Mtn
SaturdayMARA Western US 40M Net7.2287:15amSSB
CW QRP Net7.039:00amCW
Quad Squad Net21.3651:00pmUSB
SundayCVARC Newbie Net147.885-127.37:00pm
Simi Settlers Net146.805-1008:30pm
Simi Settlers Net445.58-1008:30pm
Repeater SystemNET NameDayStart
Win SystemInsomniac Trivia NetDaily11:00pm
DARN SystemPARC Party LineSunday09:30am
DARN SystemQCWA Weekly NetSunday7:30pm
DARN SystemSouth Bay Emergency Comm NetMonday6:30pm
Condor ConnectionMonday Night NetMonday7:00pm
Papa System80 Meter Rag ChewMonday8:00pm
DARN SystemLos Angeles ARES NetMonday9:00pm
Papa SystemDSTAR Technical NetTuesday8:00pm
DARN SystemHigh Desert ARES NetTuesday8:00pm
Papa SystemNew Hams NetWednesday7:00pm
DARN SystemLos Angeles ARES (South District) NetWednesday7:00pm
Papa SystemDSTAR Round TableThursday8:00pm
DARN SystemLos Angeles ARES (Northeast District)Thursday8:00pm
WIN SystemWIN System Tech NetFruday7:30pm
Papa SystemSaturday Night Round TableSaturday8:00pm