Next Club Meeting

The next club meeting is up in the air as we consider ways to keep in touch as a club while respecting county, state and federal direction on how to deal responsibly with the COVID-19 outbreak. A committee formed by the Board of Directors; Brett Price, Paul Van Zuyle, Bill Willcox, Andy Moorwood and Zak Cohen, is looking at alternatives to our usual large meetings at the East County Sheriff’s Station.   After testing two internet conferencing programs, WebEx and Zoom, the committee unanimously chose Zoom as the platform we are going to focus on (for several reasons including, among others, functionality and cost).  Testing will continue and the Board will consider other options to keep CVARC members connected. As ideas and plans emerge, please look for updated information on this website, on our newsgroup at and on the CVARC Facebook page. Please direct any questions or comments to

Upcoming CVARC Programs