Event Series Digital Net

Digital Net

The Digital Net begins with a check-in using a designated mode and frequency. Please join the Digital@CVARC.groups.io discussion group for specific instructions or contact Nathan Eng at kn6ismham@gmail.com. After the

Technician License Class

Community Room, East County Sheriff's Station 2101 East Olsen Road, Thousand Oaks, CA, United States

CVARC is offering a Technician Level amateur radio license course beginning in September. The FCC Technician license is the gateway to the world of ham radio, from the local VHF

ARRL September VHF Contest  

Status:Active Geographic Focus:United States/Canada Participation:Worldwide Mode:All Bands:50 MHz and up Classes:Single Op All Band (All Modes/Analog Modes)(Low/High)Single Op Portable (All Modes/Analog Modes)Single Op 3-Band (All Modes/Analog Modes)Single Op FMRoverLimited RoverUnlimited RoverUnlimited Multi-OpLimited Multi-Op Max power:(see rules) Exchange:4-character