10-10 Int. Fall Contest, CW

Status:Active Geographic Focus:Worldwide Participation:Worldwide Mode:CW Bands:10m Only Classes:QRPLow PowerHigh PowerClubMobile Max power:HP: >150 wattsLP: 150 wattsQRP: 5 watts Exchange:10-10 Member: Name + 10-10 number + (state/province/country)Non-Member: Name + 0 + (state/province/country) QSO Points:1 point per QSO with a


Digital Net

The Digital Net begins with a check-in using a designated mode and frequency. Please join the Digital@CVARC.groups.io discussion group for specific instructions or contact Nathan Eng at kn6ismham@gmail.com. After the

CVARC General Meeting

The next regular club meeting on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. will be conducted via Zoom video conferencing software. Details on how to access the meeting are below.

California ShakeOut Exercise

Exercise plan and timeline: Exercise has a digital element consisting of Winlink messages (DYFI and Welfare via VHF and HF, and a phone element using VHF simplexDate: Saturday Oct 23rdSimulated

North American SSB Sprint Contest

Status:Active Geographic Focus:North America Participation:Worldwide Awards:North America Mode:SSB Bands:80, 40, 20m Classes:Single Op (QRP/Low/High) Max operating hours:4 hours Max power:HP: 1500 wattsLP: 100 wattsQRP: 5 watts Exchange: + + + +  Work stations:Once per band QSO Points:NA station: 1 point

Classic Exchange, CW

Status:Active Geographic Focus:Worldwide Participation:Worldwide Mode:CW Bands:160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, 2m Classes:(see rules) Exchange:Name + RST + (state/province/country) + rcvr/xmtr manuf/model Work stations:Once per band per mode per rcr/xmtr manuf/model QSO Points:(see rules) Multipliers:(see rules) Score Calculation:Total score