Amateur Radio and Mt. Washington: The Highest, Coldest Point in New England

By Ben Kuo, AI6YR

“CQ CQ CQ… CQ Summits on the Air, Summits on the Air… This is Alpha India Six Yankee Romeo, calling Summits on The Air…”

There I was, standing on the peak of the highest point in New England, Mt. Washington, known for some of the worst weather in the world, braving at least a 40 mph wind in forty degree weather and not making any contacts. The peak, the most prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River, sits at 6,288 feet, and is known for one of the fastest wind speeds ever recorded on the surface of the Earth, 231 miles per hour, recorded in April 12, 1934. The peak is also well known for being on the Appalachian Trail. Continue reading “Amateur Radio and Mt. Washington: The Highest, Coldest Point in New England”

Programming a Baofeng UV-5R

By Andy Ludlum-K6AGL

Many hams have found the low-priced radios from China like the Baofeng UV-5R hard to resist.  Seriously, who doesn’t have room for one more HT if it costs less than $30?

The delight of having a new radio to play with quickly turns to despair when you take a look at what passes as an owner’s manual.  Programming a frequency into one of the memories is not easy, because the procedure is not described in the manual. Continue reading “Programming a Baofeng UV-5R”

Summer Sporadic E Season

By Pete Heins-N6ZE
In my retired life, I live in Thousand Oaks, but spend time on Whidbey Island, about 20 miles North of Seattle. I manage to do some HF/VHF/UHF operating from both QTHs, despite major “domestic engineering” needs at both locations!
Because July is normally at the peak of the Summer Sporadic E Season (Es), I concentrated my limited WA radio time this week to be on 6meters only. Es tends to heavily favor 10 meter and 6 meters. Single hop distance ranges from

about 300 miles to a maximum of about 1200 miles. Multi-hop Es also occurs with DX as far as the East Coast, Hawaii, and even Japan on a very SPORADIC basis! Continue reading “Summer Sporadic E Season”