A Backpack Portable 20-Meter Zepp Antenna

CVARC member Charlie Richards – KN6CX wrote an article on his portable 20-meter Zepp antenna for the March issue of QST Magazine. For space considerations, the QST editors trimmed some information from Charlie’s article including some background on the Zepp antenna and some of the theory on how it operates. Charlie sent along his full version of the article which we have added to the Technical Articles on this website. It’s a great read, here’s a quick link to Charlie’s article.

My Best SOTA DX                                                       

VP8TAA’s icy view from his SOTA activation on Mount Challenger in the Falkland Islands.

by Ron Topolinski K6CPR

Early last August a group of Southern California SOTA operators were camping in the Big Bear Mountains. The objective of the camp-out is to spend some face-to-face QSO time, and then they split up and go to different SOTA summits and they gain a lot of S2S (Summit-to-Summit) bonus contacts, most of those happening on 2 meters.

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