Recurring Nets

Sundays:  Newbie Net, 7 pm, Bozo Repeater 147.885 (-127.3), all are welcome especially newer hams. Want to be net control? The procedure will be provided. Contact Todd-KD6RCM, Following the Newbie Net, look for the VHF Simplex Rag Chew, 146.550 MHz, open for all.
Tuesdays:  ACS/ARES/RACES Net, 7 pm, Bozo Repeater and 7:10 Amgen Repeater.
Wednesdays: HF Roundtable, 7 pm, 21.333 ± MHz, USB, all are welcome.
Nightly: The CVARC Morse Group meets Monday at 7:00 pm on 28.053 MHz, but call CQ any time. All are welcome.