Studying for License Exams

How do you learn what you need to to know to pass the license exams?

Until the restrictions on gatherings due to COVID 19 are lifted, CVARC will hold license exam classes on Zoom during 2021. Check this website frequently. As the classes are announced, details will be posted here.

You can also study for an amateur radio license on your own. With careful study and practice you can prepare for and pass license exams at all levels. Here are some useful steps to success:

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Getting Started in Ham Radio

There are many reasons why people take up the hobby of amateur radio, aka ham radio.  For some, it’s about preparedness and being able to use amateur radio for emergency communications when other modes of communication are unavailable.  It is not uncommon for internet and cell phone service to be interrupted for extended periods of time, following natural disasters or other events, when infrastructure becomes compromised or overwhelmed.  Amateur radio does not rely on phone lines or other infrastructure, so it’s a perfect choice for such situations.  Others come to the hobby because of an interest in electronics or science, and a desire to experiment with radio-based modes of communication. Continue reading “Getting Started in Ham Radio”