Have You Seen Me?

I miss my antenna friend. I am a 25-foot telescoping antenna mast, cleverly disguised as a flagpole, and a drive-on antenna mount.

I joined my antenna friend in about 2010 and together we worked hard for the CVARC radio guys and gals at several Field Day events.

But somehow my friend, the antenna, and I were tragically separated.  We miss each other.

Can you please check your garage or storage unit an see if I might be there?

If you find me, please contact either Bill Willcox-KF6JQO, at KF6JQO@yahoo.com or Martin Hickey-AJ6CL at hickmodawg@gmail.com.

Thanks so much,


Multiband TV Rabbit Ear Antenna

Extend rabbit ears to 17” or so for 2 meter use; for 6 meters,  use the rabbit ears fully extended and add 12” clip lead at ends of the dipole. (Channel 2 TV used frequencies just a bit higher in frequency than the 6 meter band.) Use power meter, SWR bridge, or internal metering in the transceiver to achieve lowest VSWR. Meant for QRP use only! Plastic Schedule 40 PVC pipe in one-foot sections, with PVC couplings, makes for a simple mast, which can be put in a suitcase for travel or in a day pack for hill-topping/SOTA use. – Pete, N6ZE