Uninterruptible Power Supply for Sale


2 each Astron 6V AGM batteries and jumper to create a 210 AH battery bank, 105 AH available without battery booster, 170-180 AH with the booster.  Operate for days without recharge.

MFJ 4225 MV adjustable Switching Power Supply

MFJ 44168 battery booster

Genus 10 Amp Multi-Step battery charger with fuse

MFJ 1124 40 Amp power strip

Morningstar SSD 25 solar controller.

Sorry, no Solar panel available.

Can be used as uninterruptible power supply or operate noise-free directly from the batteries alone.

All for $150 or best offer.

Bill Willcox KF6JQO, 805 304-4732 or 805 526-0351.

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