135 cm (222- 225 MHz) SPRINT Report by Pete Heins-N6ZE

Unlike my 2 meter Fall 2019 SPRINT operation on Thousand Oaks’ Tarantula Hill for last week’s event, Woody-WA6WDY, and I traveled to the top of Stunt Rd. in the Santa Monica mountains (DM04qb) to participate in the 135cm (222 – 225 MHz) SPRINT. From our location, more than 2000 feet above sea level and with an unrestricted RF horizon in many directions, 100 watts of SSB & FM, and a 7 element horizontally polarized Yagi, we made 13 contacts (QSOs) in Ventura, Los Angeles, & Orange Counties in just over one hour of operating.

Several stations which we contacted were more than 40 miles distant; one, WA6EJO, used just a handheld with whip antenna from Ventura.

This SPRINT was held on the Tuesday Evening, the same night Ventura County ACS holds its Nets. As a result, we established communications with several local Ventura EOCs and other Thousand Oaks stations also.

SPRINT Rules mandate on line score submission at: >>> https://www.3830scores.com/index.php<<<

As of this date, I had achieved the highest California score submitted so far, even though the score of 39 was quite small!

Both Norm-AB6ET and Ben-AI6YR submitted their scores also.

I plan to operate the 70cm (420 – 450 MHz) SPRINT on Wednesday, October 09, 2019. I hope to hear you all on the air!

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